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Apply For Vocational Courses in DU this Admissions Season

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Do you aspire to take admission at the University of Delhi? Did you score well and think you have a chance to make your future?
Chances are, you are one of the 72,599 students who have scored more than 90% in the exams this year. You may have scored well but you may not be able to fulfill your dream to graduate from one of the prestigious colleges of DU.
INSPIRIX: The Human Resource Development Cell of College of Vocational Studies is proud to inaugurate the project, ASAP – A Student Awareness Program.

ASAP is an initiative to create awareness regarding the vocational courses which are being offered by Delhi University. This initiative aims to provide people with the knowledge to explore better career opportunities with these skill- oriented vocational courses. Due to lack of knowledge, most of the students do not even apply for vocational courses even if they are eligible for taking an admission in the given course. We aim to spread awareness among students so that they can get education from Delhi University. Many of these students fail to get a seat in the college they desire, just because a majority of the students register for just a few popular courses. This leads to lack of availability of seats for students despite them having good percentage.

The College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University, offers golden opportunities for those who want to try out and follow their passion.

At present, seven Vocational courses are fully available and are being taught in the college.

1. Human Resource Management (HRM) : The course is only available at College Of Vocational Studies and deals with human resources planning. This course gives an inside into the corporate culture.
2. Marketing Management and Retail Business (MMRB): The course provides managerial skills to operate retail businesses.
3. Marketing Management Insurance (MMI): It is an undergraduate Insurance course. Simply, it’s the process of buying and selling of insurance. The marketing elements of this programme will introduce you to the basic principles that deliver good marketing practice. Students can also learn the role of markets in marketing today.
4. Tourism (T): Tourism management is the oversight of all activities related to the tourism and hospitality industries. It’s a multidisciplinary field that prepares people with the interest, experience, and training for management positions in the food, accommodations, and tourism industry. Tourism management might also include the enterprises, associations, and public authorities that market tourism services to potential travelers.
5. Office Management and Secretarial Practices (OSMP): The course is best for students who want to go for secretarial services, for example – short hand typing. It also helps in learning about management.
6. Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) : It is a course which teaches entrepreneurial skills to students, and helps them to acquire skills to start their own businesses.
7. Material Management (MM): This course provides good career opportunities in the public and private sectors. Careers in purchasing, supplying, and storage will present good opportunities in the near future.

The ASAP initiative is an awareness program for students who aspire to take admission in Delhi University. INSPIRIX’s sole objective behind this program is to cater to the needs of students.

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