DU Cut-offs 2018 Expected to Rise

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DU cut-off lists have always swept the nation off its feet. With the announcement of CBSE XII result, speculations for this year’s cut off range has also begun.

“Of course cut-offs will increase. But by how much we can only tell after all the applications are received,” a DU official reported to Hindustan Times. The overall pass percentage at the national level rose from last year’s 82.02% to 83.01%. Moreover, there has been a sharp rise in the number of students scoring above 95%. It was noted that12,737 students scored above 95%, 2,646 more than last year. Appraising the data at hand, it is very likely that the cut-offs will rise by a margin of 1%. This is just a speculation and students must wait for the cut-offs to be officially released to know the real picture.

Last year, SGTB Khalsa College reached sky-high limits with a cut-off set at 99.66%, just as much as the national topper had scored, making her the only eligible candidate. Although there is an upward change in the statistics, with cut-offs already reaching extreme ends, there is no room for cut-offs to rise. The real change that may hurt some students will come from the rigidity of the cut-off to reduce in the subsequent lists.

“Whatever predictions people make, the range will go up and down only by a few points. Besides, the mathematics of it is unfair. Say, a candidate scored the highest in English but couldn’t survive the cut off because her best of 4 was reduced due to poor marks in History. This system should change. I suggest that course-specific entrance test should also be taken into account”, Niharika Dabral, a student of Delhi University, aptly describes the fault in the system.

This year all boards had collectively decided to put an end to the inflation in results. From the looks of it, there has not been any change. Could it be that the students are actually capable of scoring such decorated mark-sheets? Or is inflation an age-old practice that CBSE along with other boards cannot break from?

Feature Image Credits: Vikram Sharma

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