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Ways to Deal with the Gory Moments of a Writer’s Block

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Writer’s block is as scary and frustrating as it sounds. When you are unable to pen down your thoughts, millions of questions arise in your head and the self- doubt starts taking a toll. No moment can be more petrifying and dispiriting than the one in which you realise that you have exhausted all your creativity. Suddenly, you find yourself empathising with Coleridge’s poetic paralysis in Dejection: An Ode.

Fortunately, the writer’s block can be easily removed with time and practice. One just has to be patient and give the techniques a little time to work their charm. Here are a few exercises that go a long way in removing a writer’s block.

  • Take a little time off– Taking time off can give you new perspective, which gets lost somewhere when you are constantly writing. Sometimes while overexerting, we lose the flow as to what we wanted to write about in the first place. Therefore, it is extremely important that we give ourselves the chance to rejuvenate.
  • Change the scenery– Inspiration is a must when we write. Without inspiration, one becomes really weary of writing. It is true that a lot of the times inspiration strikes from within. However, many-a-times it becomes important that we go out and seek inspiration somewhere else. Something as small as changing your mundane surroundings and going to a new place for a while can ignite the extinguished spark within you.
  • Read books– Re-visit your favourite books or buy the books from your reading list that you still have not crossed off. Someone else’s words might spark a brand new idea. This might be exactly the inspiration that you were seeking and before you know it, you are back to writing again.
  • Write about a personal moment- There are these moments that we do not share with anyone else –they are very intimate. Open your personal diary and start writing about that moment. The passion and emotion attached to that time might help you get your creative juices flowing again
  • Talk to different writers– every writer goes through a block. If the above steps do not help at all, then the best recourse is to ask other writers what they do to overcome these roadblocks. You might discover a brilliant exercise which might help you get past your block.

Here is to hoping that dejection of not being able to write does not last long the next time you face a writer’s block. Hopefully, this cruel spell breaks as soon as possible and fairy dust sprinkles on your creative juices making it glow everlastingly.


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Anukriti Mishra

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