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Life Hacks for Last Minute Studies

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A lot of students study last minute. However, it can get exhausting and stressful. Therefore, in order to cope with such a situation in a better way, here are some tips.

1. Pomodoro Technique
Pomodoro Technique is a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s that requires the work to be broken into shorter stretches traditionally a 25-minute work. In the middle of these stretches, one is supposed to take 5-10 minutes breaks. After four Pomodoros, one is allowed to take a longer break. This increases the concentration and sitting hours of a student. It also reduces the work stress due to the frequent breaks. Since you are expected to work more due to last-minute studies, you will benefit from the technique.

2. Mnemonics
A mnemonic is any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory. These become handy to remember something very quickly and for longer periods of time. One of the mnemonics is making an abbreviation of the keywords of the points you need to remember. Another can be the usage of a sentence containing the keywords. For example, “Memory Needs Every Method Of Nurturing Its Capacity” is a mnemonic for spelling ‘mnemonic.’

3. Summaries are okay
So, we know that often times we do not have enough time to read the entire text.  In that case, it is fine if you choose to read summaries from a reliable site. Some of us get paranoid about the fact that summaries are not the text themselves. We believe it does not contain everything. However, you need to reassure yourself that the summaries cut out on the useless details and give you the gist you exactly need at the last moment.

4. A friend in need is a friend indeed
There is always some topper friend who is so secure about herself that they will definitely go about helping everyone. It is a good idea to pester them or take advice from them. Do not be intimidated by their knowledge of the subject. Realise that your only objective right now should be to learn from them rather than to avoid them because they make you feel unprepared.

5. 10-year questions/companion
One of the safest ways to be comfortable with your question paper is to understand it’s pattern. It is inevitable for a few questions from the previous papers to be repeated in your paper this time. It is like a cheat code, when you know which question to focus on more, or maybe even prepare entirely. You will be able to even guess which questions may appear in your paper this time if you look carefully enough.

All the best for the regretful days, a stressful load of studies, promises of becoming better the next semester, ending up the same, and repeating the process.
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