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A Journey of Growth and Countless Memories, Signing Off: Abhilasha Gandhi, Head of Media Operations 2017-18

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Almost 2 years ago when I was going through random posts and memes on my Instagram feed, I came across a post that essentially changed my life. The post read, “DU Beat is hiring new Human Resource Managers.” But more than that particular line, what I noticed was the line above it that said, “You don’t need to be a professional to join us, but you might end up becoming one.” And so I did.

As I read the E-mail informing me that I was recruited, I was overcome with this feeling that the journey ahead was not going to be easy, but it was definitely going to be worth it. From then, my daily life became all about WhatsApp groups, emails, spreadsheets, and random people texting me at odd hours for work. A year later, I was given the position of the Media Operations Head, and with it, came bigger responsibilities. I was hardly keeping up, I made huge mistakes, but every time I thought of giving up, I had somebody from our lovely team picking me back up and giving me the strength to keep going at it.

Each and every day in my tenure at DU Beat (DUB) has given me something to learn, remember, and cherish for a lifetime. These 2 years have been the most overwhelming and fulfilling times of my life. It has transformed the frivolous girl that I was, into a much more sensible, responsible, and thoughtful person. I would say that there is a long way to go still, but DU Beat made the journey easier, by giving me a group of remarkably supportive friends, who turned into my family. I would not wish to, but I can only imagine what my college life would have been if I was not a part of this organisation. Parting ways from DUB will leave me with a huge void in my life that I might never be able to fill again. I am thankful for this journey, I am thankful for DU Beat.


Abhilasha Gandhi

Media Operations Head 2017-18

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