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10 Things a Graduate Has to Say to The Class of 2018

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Here’s a list of 10 things that graduates want to share with the to-be graduates, the batch of 2018, to help them out with love and life!

It’s that time of the year again when the walls of every college echo of nostalgia and memories worth of the past three years, when there are goodbyes and farewells, a lot of tears, celebrations and dreams for what is yet to come. During this time, it’s natural for any final year student to feel excited, nervous, scared, insecure, unsure, ready and confused. To help them a little and guide them a bit out of college, DU Beat spoke to some graduates and asked them for advice to make it out of college and into the real world. Here’s a list of 10 things that they’d like to say to the graduating class of 2018:

1. It’s okay to be unsure

It’s okay to feel confused and nervous. It’s okay if you feel that you aren’t ready yet and it’s okay to feel lost. This transition from college to a job, or postgraduate college or a different city or country isn’t an easy one. It takes a while to break from the routine you’ve lived in for the past three years but know that it’s okay to not have everything figured out just yet. Take your time, explore yourself, gain knowledge about yourself, get some practical knowledge, write, sketch, create art and go out and experience the actual life. You’ll figure it out, take one day at a time!

2. Think of more personal ways to stay in touch with your college friends

The friendships that you develop in college are the most honest, real, and beautiful friendships. It’s hard to make this transition from the laid-back lifestyle of DU to the real world, but there’s always fun ways to stay in touch. Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media sites sure are effective ways to stay in touch, but try and think of more personal ways, like sharing a song every week, trading playlists, themed parties, old-school tradition of posting letters. Make sure that you join the alumni network and stay in touch with even those with whom you didn’t interact with much.

3. A diploma doesn’t mean the end of your learning

Even with a diploma in your hand, never stop the process of learning. Make sure that you always have a learning state of mind, even at work. Your growth always depends on your continuous learning, and when you start working, start working as a student, ask questions and work hard. Make sure you continuously challenge yourself and redefine your thinking because this is only the beginning.

4. Don’t let the world decide your career for you

Your career is one of the most important paths that you’ll ever decide and even though you don’t have to make this choice immediately, make sure that whenever you do, it is completely yours. Don’t let the world make this choice for you. Life is too short, don’t waste it on a boring job that you hate or a career path that your parents picked out for you but you don’t want to follow. Find something that you love over money, find your calling, no matter how long it takes and follow it with all your heart.

5. Learn to plan things

Ever since you were a kid, life has been planned for you. You know that you had to complete school and then graduate from college. But the road from here is uncertain and full of rocks. You have to make an itinerary for yourself and plan things in advance. You have to think three steps in advance so that you’re more prepared for what’s coming and that you can tackle every roadblock with courage.

6. Stop fretting over success

It’s okay if you didn’t get the placement you wanted, or the postgraduate college that you wanted to get in or the six figure salary. Everything takes time, and just because it is not happening right now doesn’t mean it never will. But make sure that you do not keep running after this sort of success. Understand success can be as simple and beautiful as the next sunset, if you want it to be. Take one day at a time and follow your heart, do what you want to do and be good at it, success will follow in no time.

7. Find inspiration

Always have something to look up to and take inspiration from, be it a mentor, a book or a story. Challenge yourself, create art, learn a new language, learn an instrument, write, sketch, paint and let yourself be. This transition from college to the real world becomes very taxing and stressful, it’s important for you to spend some time with yourself, understand yourself better and find inspiration to keep yourself going and motivated.

8. Take risks

Do not be afraid to take risks. Even if it is a mistake, go ahead if you feel like you should. This is the time of your life that you wouldn’t get back. You have the rest of your life to play it safe, take a chance right now. Write that book, release that album, work on your band, give that acting gig a shot, model for the runway, and make it to the big leagues. It’s okay even if what you do turns out to be a mistake, the stakes are lower and every experience matters in shaping who you will be. Do not be afraid of facing the world head on.

9. Go on a solo trip

Plan that solo trip you always wanted, explore a city and immerse yourself into the new culture and lifestyle. Interact with new people, click pictures from the trip, stay in shady hotels and click blurry photographs. Carry your camera around or take a trip without any social media. Take a break stepping into this new life and make the most of it, you deserve to.

10. Fall in love with yourself before you fall for someone else

The past three years have shaped who you are today. Be it the course you did, the societies you were in, the trips you took or the people you interacted with. College plays a big role in shaping you up as a person and believe that you’ve done a brilliant job. Before you go looking for love outside, learn to be comfortable in your own skin and be confident as you are. Give yourself the time and space that you need and love every atom of your being.


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