The Need to Ask the Right Questions

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There are many times where we face the dilemma of making a sensitive decision. Especially being college students, we face many questions regarding our careers and future prospects. This makes the need to ask the right questions utterly important.

We encounter many instances within a single day where we need to take decisions. But there are the questions holding significant importance, to which we fail to find an answer. Especially at college level, questions regarding career and skill development are of utmost importance. But because we use a lot of time and energy, we really need to ask ourselves “Are we asking the right questions?”

Let us take a minute and understand the mechanism of questioning. We question out of curiosity. There is something called “the Pandora Effect”. It talks about the benefits and ill-effects of curiosity. This concept suggests that humans have an inherent desire to resolve uncertainty. It says that when humans face any uncertainty, they work on resolving it even if they might face negative consequences.

Interestingly, as per a survey published on New Scientist, researchers suggest that we might make “better decisions” if we “stop and consider” whether our choices will have negative outcomes. At the end of the day, our mental dilemmas and the stress that arises out of it is a direct result of our indecisiveness. Rather than berating ourselves for being indecisive, why not ask ourselves if we are pondering upon something meaningful in the first place? Is all that time and effort over a particular issue worth the effort?

One more flaw that we unintentionally suffer from is getting diverted from yielding an answer to merely solving the question. After a point, we focus on solving the question and forgetting the purpose of it, and how does it align with the answer that we need. One simple example for college students like us can be when we ask ourselves, “What program do I study?” and not “Why do I want to study a particular program” We need to step back and ask ourselves whether the questions we ask ourselves hold priority in our lives or not.

But yes, one prerequisite for doing so would be to have a clear idea of what we want to do. We have heard successful people talking about having a vision and being clear regarding what they want to do. Having a clear goal would allow us to think if the questions we ponder upon are helping us move forward or not. After all, there needs to be a tool that facilitates the process of heading in the right direction and also acting as a guiding factor to help us avoid diversions.

No matter how much we ignore it, we need to underline the importance of understanding a bit of psychology that goes into behaving the way we do. To understand it would help us find why we do the things we do. We need to know about these aspects, and it’s high-time we do it. Executing this process would require a lot of effort. But Robert Half once said, “Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.”

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