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Mental Health Issues in Young Adults

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Our generation is suffering from increased mental health problems and it is time we started talking about it.

All of us know at least someone who is either suffering from anxiety or depression. This is because we, as a generation, are putting too much stress on ourselves. We battle more than one fight every day and still try to land on our two feet. We put on a brave face and keep fighting the fight. However, what we need to understand is that while waging our internal wars, it is okay to talk about our vulnerabilities with someone.

It is hard to point out one specific reason as to why our generation is much more prone to anxiety or depression. It may be because we are the first to have felt an overwhelming presence of the Internet and social media in our lives. We consciously or unconsciously play the game of faking happiness on social media. Such an exhaustive exercise is certainly going to hinder our peace of mind. This perfection and competitive streak takes a toll on our life. On top of it all, there is a taboo attached to mental health. Therefore, when we see our friends struggling with it, we have no idea about how to approach them and be of any help.

Mental health is undoubtedly a sensitive problem which requires delicate treatment. Therefore, due to the sensitivity of the issue and lack of proper knowledge, it becomes really difficult to approach our acquaintances when we know they are suffering. We are not equipped to tackle their behaviour. However, I have found out that it is not about what we do exactly but the fact that we are there for them. In the long run just being present and initiating a conversation goes a long way. Trying to establish a conducive environment for such talks is the need of the hour because millennials are succumbing to health problems.


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Anukriti Mishra
[email protected]

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