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How to Cure Fest Hangover

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With almost all the major college fests in DU wrapping up, all of us are suffering from a fest hangover. With just one month left to cover up the attendance, emerging internals, and pending assignments, we are officially beleaguered with banality.

Yes, the University of Delhi again signed off with a splendid fest season. Yes, we all clicked lovely pictures and captured as many digital memories as possible. Yes, we all managed our calendars to tackle the friction between the fest bonanza and the internal season. Yes, roaming around the campus dressed in the most stylish attires, everyone managed to cross the threshold of almost all the colleges buzzing with excitement. And yes, the reality is seeping in and we now realise that we are trapped in the cycle of attendance and submissions. Plus, how can we forget the most wonderful semester exams which are creeping towards us with their ever fast and furious pace. We are still reminiscing the fest euphoria and we abhor the vacuum it has left. The big void asks us “What Next?” and we have no answer in return to tell our minds that the next fest is this weekend. Of course, few department fests await us but they are also on the verge of pack up.

The final year students still have few stimulating events left to enjoy, for example, farewell, graduation dinners, but to be frank, they are busy wiping their tears filled with nostalgia while getting their clearance dues filled. Besides, the entire stimulation of entrance tests and interviews is just too much to handle. So what should we all do to cure the fest hangover?

The answer is simple- Study. As ridiculous as it sounds, it is a very sound advice because let us face it, the strike has given us enough of free time and mass bunks wherein we have had two long weekends and our syllabus is now surmounted with some more syllabus to cover up. So please, get out of that ‘void’, otherwise, our marks will leave a big void in our mark sheets. Kindly study!
P.S. – Sorry for disappointing you, but what else were you expecting?


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Oorja Tapan
[email protected]

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