DU Student Murdered, Abductors Demanded 50 lakhs

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Ayush Nautiyal, a final year student at Ram Lal Anand College was found murdered last night, after he went missing on 21 March. His body was recovered from the drains in Sector 13, Dwarka.

After Ayush did not reach home from college, his family filed a report with the police, but allegedly, they adopted a careless and callous approach. Ayush’s father Dinesh Nautiyal was contacted by the abductors through the student’s Whatsapp. The message comprised of a photo of Ayush who had suffered injuries on his head and he appeared to be tied up. The abductors also demanded 50 lakhs as ransom.

Keeping close contact with the abductors, Ayush’s family was able to reduce the ransom amount to 10 lakhs. The police asked his family to avoid going to the media, for it could have been adverse to Ayush’s life, and his family followed their advice. After trying to find the abductors and hand over the ransom money for more than two days, Ayush’s body was found in Dwarka.

While the reason for his abduction and murder has been unclear, the police have yet to make any statement about the same. A student at Ram Lal Anand College reported to DU Beat that he reportedly “had gone on a Tinder date before he was abducted”. It is uncertain if this may have had any connection.

Given the number of cat-fishers and perpetrators that linger on such websites that prey on innocent people, such an angle must be appropriately investigated. It is vital that justice is served and the murderers are punished. The source also reported that “Ayush was also active on social media after he had gone missing”.

A candle light march in the victim’s memory will be held from Ram Lal Anand College to South Campus police station on 2nd April from 10 a.m. onwards by the students.

DU Beat will be following the case closely. This report will be updated with the relevant details as received.



Feature Image Credits: Ram Lal Anand College

Raabiya Tuteja

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