Class 10th and 12th CBSE Students Expected to give Re-exams for Mathematics and Economics

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Earlier today, CBSE announced that the Mathematics and Economics examinations for class 10th and 12th respectively will be re-conducted due to “certain happenings”, the details of which shall be announced within a week.  

The Central Board Certificate Examinations (CBSE) announced earlier today that re-examinations for the Class 10th Mathematics paper and Class 12th Economics will be held soon. The dates of said re-examinations will be announced on the CBSE website, by the end of this week. The announcement was made after concerns were raised regarding the papers being leaked, a day before the examination. The class 12th Economics paper had allegedly been circulated in various WhatsApp groups, a day before the examinations.

The decision to conduct re-examinations has generated a mixed response from students and parents. While some see this decision as another opportunity to perform better, others see it as an unnecessary hassle. Neha Mohajer, a class 10th student from City International School, Lucknow says,” I think this re-examination was a good idea since this paper was lengthy; we weren’t able to finish it in time and would’ve lost a lot of marks. It also gives us time to prepare and do better in our next exam.” However, another class 10th student Aishwarya from New Delhi believed that the re-examination will be exhausting. “We do not have the energy to give the re-exam. The news came out right after we gave our last exam”. This would not be beneficial to students who were unprepared for the exam because “someone who was not able to prepare in one year will not be able to prepare in one more week ” Another concern that has propped up for Class 12th students is that the scheduled examination might be close to other entrance examinations that they were supposed to appear for. Students and parents are also questioning CBSE’s criterion for deciding the afore examinations to be re-held since claims have been made that the Class 10th Social Studies and Class 12th Biology papers were also leaked.

According to ANI, Prime Minister Modi conveyed his unhappiness over news of the re-examination. All in all, the decision to conduct re-examinations has thrown students and parents off-guard. This decision, which will affect more than 28 lakh students has generated mixed responses; while some see it as a second chance to score better, others regard it as a source of unnecessary stress.

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