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Are DU’s Washrooms as Clean as They Ought to Be?

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College students spend a significant time of their day in colleges and society kids even more. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to analyse how clean and well-maintained washrooms are in most Delhi University colleges. For this, DU Beat reached out to students from across the colleges of DU to gather their opinions. Let’s look at the condition of the washrooms of various DU colleges.

Washrooms in North Campus colleges like SRCC, Hansraj, Hindu, and Miranda House are well-maintained and are cleaned regularly. CIC’s (Cluster Innovation Center’s) washrooms have all modern amenities like hand dryers, full-length mirrors, and soaps. They are air-conditioned and are cleaned every couple of hours. Girls of Daulat Ram College believe that the toilets on the first and second floor remain cleaner in comparison to the ground floor toilets because those encompass most classrooms. Mansi Chawla of IP College for Women said that the washrooms are well maintained but water gets accumulated in the basins which need to be corrected.

Shifting focus to South College washrooms. Tanvi of Motilal Nehru College said, “The washrooms of the old building are stinky with cobwebs all over. The ones in the new buildings are clean but lack soap dispensers and dustbins”. “The washroom next to the auditorium stinks which fills the Audi with a pungent smell. The ones near the admin block are in good condition”,  Aditya of DCAC commented. Unfortunately, the washrooms of Rajdhani College are not always clean, with no soap dispensers available and round-the-clock water shortage  Students of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College say that the condition of the toilets has improved slightly after college elections but a major change is still direly needed.

“The washrooms are regularly cleaned but constant water supply is an issue”, Samridhi Malhotra of College of Vocational Studies said. Shrija Ganguly of Sri Venkateshwara College revealed, “The ground floor washrooms of the Arts block are in a dilapidated condition and are not properly cleaned. The ones on the first floor have the sanitary napkins vending machine installed and are regularly cleaned, hence they get crammed during the peak hours”. Vijeata Balani of Jesus and Mary College noted, commenting, “Most of our college’s washrooms are cleaned on time but they lack mirrors and sanitary napkin vending machines.” In Gargi College, sanitary napkin vending machine is far from the washrooms. The new compartment-like washroom complexes are well maintained and cleaned every morning but one wash basin doesn’t work and there are no soap dispensers. Nitika Yadav of Lady Shri Ram College said, “The toilets in the new block are better maintained than the old block, but girls throw away tissues and sanitary napkins in the commode, which causes sewage problems. Such students need to change their ways because even the college authorities cannot do anything about it.”

Most north and south campus colleges’ washrooms are well maintained, but it isn’t the same story for all off-campus colleges. Why this disparity exists is also a worrying question. Being government colleges, we cannot expect the toilets to be like the ones from 5-star hotels, but stains, cobwebs, water supply issues and water drainage facilities need to be corrected as soon as possible.


Feature Image Credits: DUB archives

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