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Anna Karenina’s Playlist

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky declared Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina “flawless as a work of art”. Just like the novel, the character herself is beautiful. Here is an account of what her probable playlist would sound like:

Anna Karenina remains till date one of the most loved, tragic characters. There is a beauty and poise to her that attracts you instantly. Every time I read the novel I end up getting more and more mesmerized by the character. She is an ocean in herself and you cannot help but drown in the multitude layers of complexities. As I was reading this novel yet once again, I started wondering what her playlist would sound like.

Music is a driving force in everyone’s life. It is said that your playlist speaks a lot about your character and your insecurities. To show someone your playlist is equivalent to baring your soul. It is the one thing that describes almost every aspect of your life. Here is an insight into what Anna Karenina’s playlist sound like:


My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra

Anna Karenina is one classic lady. Therefore the one image that always pops in my mind when I try to imagine her in somewhat modern times is of her sipping a glass of red wine while she listens to Sinatra croon to this tune on a gramophone. There is something so melancholic about this song that you lose yourself in it and no other song could express her in such a manner.


Feeling Good by Nina Simone

Anna’s despair feels like a knot in your stomach. It refuses to let go and as the novel progresses and the feeling of this knot only escalates. When at last she decides to jump in front of the train, there is a sudden calm about her. Feeling Good by Nina Simone is just the song to play at this moment as you feel the same calm descending upon you while listening to her.


Cheers darlin’ by Damien Rice

Imagine Anna longing for Vronsky after she has met her. She does not understand this desire for him, she understands nothing but that she seems to be falling in love with him. She knows the prohibitions that come with this love because she is married. There is a certain rush to this infatuation which lies beyond her comprehension. This song perfectly captures the complexities of emotions Anna goes through during this time in the book.


Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Ella Fitzgerald

Anna is rejected by the society because of her bold decision to live with Vronsky. Her heart longs for her child while Vronsky seems to be ignoring her. As her insecurities grow there is only one thing that she asks from everyone and that is to dream a little dream of her too.


Non, Je ne regretted rien by Edith Piaf

Anna Karenina is inspiring because she refuses to bow down to the rigidities of the society. She understands that what her heart desires is not wrong and she understands where her happiness lies, and tries to achieve the same against all odds. I would imagin her saying, ‘No, I regret nothing” with the same force as Edith Piaf when she decides to live with Vronsky after leaving her husband.


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