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Quintessence, the Annual Fest of Lady Irwin College Ended Succesfully on a High Note

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It was early morning sunshine that marked the beginning of the day at Lady Irwin College. The front lawn was filled with stalls and the stage was setting up for the day. Soon the lawn was filled with girls dressed in traditional apparel for the inauguration ceremony. Dr. Anupa Siddhu, the director of the college gave her enlightening speech. There were different events going on within the campus on the first day for which the participants arrived at the registration desks.
The events namely “TATVA” organised by ‘Nrityanjali’ the dance society, “SOLILOQUY” arranged by The debating society, ‘ALOHMORA’ the stage play society and  ‘Mukhauta’ the dramatics society events took place. Under the amphitheatre,  “VIRTUOSITY” the art competition started with various fun contests.
There were games going on in the back lawn which were fun and light for all the people to participate. The night was another anticipated moment and, when it started with arrival of DJ Suketu, the venue was packed with people. Finally the day ended with his performance to remember and cherish in one’s mind.
The second day of Quintessence’18 was welcomed with full zeal and enthusiasm after the first day had ended and began in a full swing.
The events that took place were, ‘Yatharth’, organised by the Street Play Society ‘Akaar’,  ‘Lexicon’, the Literary Society event, the Eco Club of the college organised a competition ‘Naturaleza’, ‘Virtuosity’, the Fine Arts Society events took place along with ‘Alohmora’, an event organised by the Dramatics Society ‘Mukhauta’. Temperatures were rising and the sun was at it’s full peak!
Suddenly the stage was lit up with the event ‘Razzle Dazzle’, an event organised by the Fashion Society ‘Prophecy’. Another event, ‘Arohanam’, organised by Dhwani, the Music Society also took place. The sun had started to set and the night was rising with the much awaited Star night. The audience was growing impatient. And then the ruler of all the hearts finally arrived on the stage, Darshan Raval! With his amazing performances he won everyone’s hearts and made everyone in the front lawn dance to his beats and sing along with his melodious voice. The crowd enjoyed a lot along with him.
Quintessencecomes once in a year and the Irwinite girls make sure to make it a memorable one. The hardwork of the girls had finally paid off as the event was a great success!

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