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International Mother Language Day’18 – A Celebration of Cultural Diversity in DU

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India is diverse in every aspect. The most pertinent facet of its diversity is the multitude of languages currently spoken in the country. With about 1652 languages spoken within its territory and 150 languages spoken by a sizeable population, it’s obvious that the same diversity can be observed within university spaces across India as well.

UNESCO observes International Mother Language Day on 21st February every year.  Local languages, especially minority and indigenous, are features of cultures, traditions, and various customs. In an attempt to protect the diversity of languages from globalisation, UNESCO observes this day worldwide.
As far as the University of Delhi is concerned, students flock from every corner of the country to Delhi to build a career. They carry their language and culture along with them into the University space which adds to the diversification in the academic ecosystem.
In past two decades, a lot of regional groups promoting their culture and language started mushrooming in the University campus. DU Beat reached some of such organisations to commemorate this day.
1. Delhi Odia Students’ Association: This group was formed back in the early 1970s with a motive of supporting Odia students coming to Delhi in pursuance of better education. They have been vehemently showcasing their language and culture by organising seminars and programs in regul intervals.
2. Bengali Literacy Club: This is a St. Stephen’s College based club which very actively takes up the discussion revolving around Bengali literature and movies. Other than the language, the club is involved in fostering intra-community bond by holding various social programs.
3. Maithry, Delhi University Keralite students association: The society has been doing an amazing working to ease the life of Keralites. They celebrate festivals together, especially Onam with great zeal. They create a portal for Malayali students for interaction with eminent Malayali personalities, and strive to stimulate a homely feeling for their students.
4. North East Student Union: This Union works tirelessly for students coming from the North- Eastern part of the county. They hold fests, seminars, and social events to promote their myriad languages and culture from the region.

Diversified languages and culture have been adding charm to the university space. These certain groups have ensured that outstation students get ample opportunities to speak in their mother tongue and extract warmth out of it.
This International Mother Language Day, let’s celebrate the diversity that India has been gifted with, which has subsequently got seeped into our University spaces as well.


Feature Image Credits: The Better India

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