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Behind the Scenes of DU Beat

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There is a lot of misconception about how DU Beat functions. To commemorate our 10th year, here is a look at all that goes into being the University of Delhi’s (DU) most loved newspaper. 

DU Beat (DUB) was founded in the month of October in 2007. The year 2018 commemorates the celebration of the 10 years DU Beat has served the students and faculty of University of Delhi by addressing student’s issues, reporting legitimate news, and expressing views regarding the University. DUB can be referred to as the first rough draft of the history of Delhi University, as journalism is often called the first rough draft of history. For the past ten years, DU Beat has provided an effective and ever-growing platform to over 250,000 individuals via our online platforms spread across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. We have also marked our presence in 17 DU colleges offline through our weekly printed newspaper.

Even though DU Beat is the first independent student newspaper of Delhi University, the progression of how it functions is quite ambiguous. Here is a look at all the departments of DUB that work day and night to be deserving of the most loved and largest student media platform in India.

The most common conception of the average student is that DUB comprises of a team of Editors, Correspondents, and Photographers. While these three are the most highlighted and represented departments through our work, the Marketing, Human Resources (HR) fuel DU Beat’s engine.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department functions mostly out of editorial bounds, which is why they are the most unnoticed departments of DU Beat, despite being the most central to the functioning of DU Beat. It is because of them that printing of our weekly newspaper is possible, which reaches an audience of 30,000 yearly. The team represents DU Beat to the market. With their help, our first on-ground event, Mushaira, which was held at Hindu college and hosted a plethora of notable personalities, like Shashi Tharoor was made possible.

Human Resources Department (HR)

The Human Resources Department of DU Beat ensures the sustainability of the organisation as they are responsible for the recruitment process. The department ensures that the organization’s morale remains boosted. In addition to this, they ensure the smooth functioning of DUB, in terms of coordinating with fests and making sure all the internal departments of DUB are coordinating with each other and working as efficiently as they can.

Design Department

The design team of DU Beat is full of talented and creative individuals that help create the visual layout of both our social media platforms as well as the printed newspaper. The team works tirelessly to ensure that the layout of the newspaper is appealing. They improve the quality of the work that is put upon our platforms in terms pictorial representation. DUB owes its aesthetics to its design team.



Feature Image Credits: Sayanee Mandal for DU Beat

Bhavya Banerjee

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