Gargi College Celebrates its Golden Jubilee Year

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Gargi College celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 15th February 2017. All the ex-teachers, as well as principals, were invited. The auditorium was full to its capacity, brimming with laughter, cheers, and excitement for the event to begin.

The Chief Guest of the event, Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th President of India was escorted by the Principal of the college, other dignitaries, and NCC cadets to the main auditorium. Prof. Yogesh K. Tyagi, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi, was the Guest of Honour along with Prof. Pradeep Burma, Chairman of Gargi’s Governing Body, Dr. Shashi Tyagi, Co-Convenor of the Golden Jubilee Committee, and Ms. Promila Kumar, Principal of Gargi College.

The guests were felicitated with the print edition of 50 years of Gargi College and a crassula plant as a token of appreciation. Ms. Promila Kumar welcomed the guests and audience and praised each dignitary in their efforts for bringing changes in their respective fields. She prayed to the departed souls for bringing Gargi College to its current stature and reflected on the college’s 50-year journey. She added that Gargi stands for service to humanity.

Prof. Tyagi congratulated the faculty on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee and for choosing Dr. Mukherjee as the Chief Guest. He encouraged the audience to set higher and extraordinary benchmarks to be achieved in the future. He was grateful to the ex-President to have given him his current position. He ended his speech on a funny anecdote by sharing that he had not seen a more vibrant audience in his life before.

The ex-President of the country applauded the faculty in its efforts of bringing the college to its current position. He repented that in his 43 years as a member of parliament, he could not serve in the Ministery of Human Resource Development  and discussed the current state of education in our country. He emphasised on the need for research, innovation, and development. He also expressed remorse on the fact that six lakh Indian students go to foreign universities for higher studies because the current education system cannot create the environment to fulfill their educational aspirations. He added that the government is working to provide quality education in the hope of being able to match with the best universities in the world.

Dr. Shashi Tyagi paid the vote of thanks on behalf of all the faculty members and the guests left the audience absolutely enthralled.


Feature Image Credits: Prachi Mehra for DU Beat

Prachi Mehra
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