Vayam, the Performing Arts Society, Presents – The White Saree

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Vayam started off as the theatre society of Shivaji College, University of Delhi in 2006, when a handful of like-minded and creative students decided to form a dramatics society in their college. The society that was formed on the ideals of Unity, Togetherness, and Creativity, grew bigger and better by each passing year. Gradually, Vayam started making a mark on the DU Theatre Circuit by winning many laurels and praises. Today, the organization has ventured into the era of performing arts and boasts of a strong foothold in Mumbai and Delhi with several professional performances under its credit.

With a total of 26 Proscenium and street plays based on various social issues, that have won many accolades on competitive and non-competitive platforms across India including National School of Drama, National Centre for Performing Arts, Prithvi Theatre, Jana Natya Manch, Kamani, Sirifort, India Habitat Center, Shri Ram Centre, Sahitya Kala Parishad, FICCI Auditorium, Hindi Sahitya Academy (Indore), IIT-Delhi, IIT-Bombay, IIT-Kanpur, IIM-Ahmedabad and the like; Vayam is constantly growing. Our society comprises a group of hardworking, talented and driven individuals consisting of actors, directors, scriptwriters, technicians and working professionals.

Their successfully running play ‘The White Saree’ has been made yet another admiration worthy achievement for our team here at Vayam. The play was performed at LTG Auditorium on a winter Sunday evening with a full house, an enthusiastic cast and energetic team. The drama unfolded the very many glitches of the society, including the society’s hunger to influence the decisions of a woman regarding her wishes, needs, and desires. The play chose to express its emotions in the form of a musical dance drama, an amalgamation that awed the audience with a gush of different emotions that could be felt as the play progressed. The central plot was about a woman’s dilemma about her own feelings and her deepest and darkest desires. It casted light upon how women are under obligations of maintaining the supposed ‘dignity’ of the society thus in the process killing their own progress along with the loss of self-love.

White Saree is a production that is bound to challenge viewers’ mindset and societal norms. It is a play which provokes a series of thoughts on issues love, stress and relationships and how the society inclines to perceive these relationships. The performance of this acclaimed production at LTG Auditorium on Sunday, January 14, 2018 saw a healthy turnout of the audience from different walks of life. The play rendered an extended portrayal of the vicious cycle of societal judgment, regret, depression and a feeling of self-consciousness guided by the convention of the mass. The drama laid emphasis on the many decisions that women have to make each day in the hope that none of them defy the standard of the society. It proceeded to raise relevant issues on sexual orientation, desires, and dreams of a woman that are butchered by the people as the story progressed. The audience could be seen experiencing different emotions of love, compassion, sorrow, and regret throughout the performance. The superlative direction and powerful script kept the audience glued to the scenes on stage. The experienced cast and crew of White Saree delivered a phenomenal performance which was praised by the viewers, senior team members and the management alike. In summary, the event turned out to be a success for the organization as a promotion of theatre and social service were well accomplished by the dedicated team of Vayam Performing Arts Society.

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