Bharati College Student Harassed by a Professor

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Just two days after the arrest of a professor of Daulat Ram College, another student of Bharati College has come forward and written to the Vice-Chancellor about sexual harassment she and some other girls of her department faced.

The third-year student who is also a player in the college’s boxing team alleged that Dr. Amit Kumar of Political Science Department sent lewd messages to her, called at inappropriate timings, requested to meet outside the college’s premises, and sought sexual favours. The student also sent screenshots of the conversations to all college Whatsapp groups.

When the student confronted the teacher in the classroom, he accepted his mistakes and sought her forgiveness for it would have dire consequences for the man with a wife and child. The girl later found out that the professor was neither married nor had a child.

The girl then approached the authorities of the college who told her to dismiss the whole affair and keep quiet. They even threatened to suspend her and ruin her career. The girl has even sent a video clip to the VC in which the professor is seen apologising while the girl is slapping him surrounded by other girls.

It has also been revealed that the college’s Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) was not working according to the University Grants Commission  (UGC) guidelines. In the light of the incident, the college is now making a student committee.

The National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) protested against the sexual harassment spoke with the authorities. The authorities have promised to solve the matter very soon, but a police complaint has not yet been filed.

Each student of the college stands in solidarity with the girl who had the courage to speak.


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

Prachi Mehra

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