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What to Expect from a DU Fest

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To all the fucchas, this even semester is also known as the fest season and before the fest season commences in full spring, here is what you should expect from a typical DU cultural fest.

The Fest season of the University of Delhi (DU) is here. We are officially amidst the fest season and right now, almost every college union must be raising a hue and cry over concerns regarding sponsorship, creative teams, fest dates and the hoopla around booking fest venues from the college administration. You all may be hearing all sorts of rumours from friends about which celebrity is coming to your college, who all are sponsoring your college event and what will be the dates of the fest. Honestly, to the excited fucchas, we would like to let you know that DU fests are all fun and cool, but do not have ridiculous expectations from them. February and March will be the time of your year but your experience at a fest does not just depend on the event but also the kind of friends’ group you are with. There will certainly be a DJ Night and a Star Night where you would dance your heart out with friends and create amazing Snap Chat and Instagram stories. The two or three-day event will allow you to gorge on the cheapest and tastiest food and shopping stalls available will allow you to buy funky and eccentric trinkets. Your college will be full to its capacity and you might even make new friends from this oncoming crowd. The quality of your college fest, essentially the celebrity that comes to the star night, will depend upon the money your college union is able to raise from the sponsorship teams, college funds and the name of your college. Overcrowding is a typical attribute of all DU fests – so be prepared for squeezing your way out during all the event days and beware of pickpockets and inappropriate touching and groping. Competitions will be a lot of fun as every college society will be upping their game so as to garner as much recognition as they can.

The best thing about a DU Fest is that you can gain access to each and every DU college out there during the fests and entry into girls’ colleges for the boys and the girls from such colleges into coed colleges is an absolute boon. Start making all sorts of contacts if you are staying in a PG to get entry into as many colleges as you can. Do not expect punctuality during the fest as there will be problematic timelines and delays due to the celebrity’s tantrums, the tardiness of the college authorities and the event management teams. Eat, dance, and scream as much you can because whether you are a fresher, a sophomore or someone who is teary-eyed in their last semester, DU fests are the most enjoyable time of the year. Preserve your memories, explore the DU Campus and most importantly, love your time in this University and have a lot of fun!

Feature Image credits– DU Beat

Oorja Tapan

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