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NSUI-led DUSU Launches Students’ Charter

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In an exceptional initiative, the NSUI-led Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU), in consultation with the University of Delhi, has drafted a Students’ Charter that seeks to enable students to exercise their rights. The draft of the Charter was launched at a program held from 11 a.m. on 23rd January, 2018 at Ramjas College, in the presence of DUSU President Rocky Tusseed, Vice President Kunal Sehrawat, and AICC Secretary Ruchi Gupta besides others.

On being asked about the motive behind this momentous move, Ruchi Gupta, who is also the NSUI National In-Charge said, “The NSUI had fought the elections on the premise of two promises. One, restoring free speech, critical thinking and academic autonomy; the other, defining the democratic role of student unions in the governance of universities. Now, we want to take that forward by ensuring that there is free speech within the University.”
In the backdrop of the conflicting relationship between the students and university administrations across the country, this draft charter provides hope of reconciliation between the two, and provides a framework for the University to develop and improve its services.
The draft of the Charter is divided into 2 sections. One contains the Fundamental Rights of students that the University must recognise. The second contains the Directive Principles, which, although unenforceable by a court of law, are significant for the University administration. While the former notably includes the right to have an environment free from sexual and mental harassment, the noteworthy point in the latter is the guidelines for the University to provide accurate information to the students about its statutes, methods of assessment, and attendance requirements amongst other regulations.

On being asked about the future course of action, DUSU Vice-President Kunal Sehrawat assured, “We will be in consultation with DU colleges and will take feedback from the students. With their support, we will approach the VC for his endorsement. Once this charter is passed by the DUSU, we will take it to all the other universities to create a spirited learning atmosphere across the country.”


Feature Image credits: Anushesh Sharma

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