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The Vitality of an Internship

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Almost all of us at the University of Delhi face the question of whether we should go in for an internship for the sake of work experience or not. It is an important choice to be made on the basis of the trade-offs like losing out on social life, college attendance, holidays, and so on.

While all of us entered the varsity with more or less the same percentages, what makes us stand out at the end of our graduation is the amount of experience and learning we had gained. In order to notch up our networking skills, decision making, or just being responsible, we delve into various opportunities to improve our CV. An internship allows you to develop your existing skill-set, learn beyond your field,  gain prior familiarity and compatibility of the job environment,  and form a network of professionals. Whether it is paid or unpaid, an internship offers you experience and prepares you for the ‘big bad world’.

There are more chances of companies hiring you if you have interned already in their organisation or have prior work experience than someone who is just a novice. There is always a cost-benefit analysis involved while grabbing any internship opportunity. You have to cut your time off from outings with friends so as to attend office or meet deadlines at work and even lose out on going home during semester breaks. It is true that college life comes only once and maybe, right now, we are too young to live a mundane lifestyle. We have to compromise on our college attendance, internal assessments and even, semester exams’ prep while interning. What is required is ‘fine-tuning’ of college life and internships.

Another important thing is to be aware of our career choices. For an MBA aspirant or one who wants to seek placement, an internship will make a mammoth difference in your CV while for a UPSC aspirant, it may not be of much use.  Work-from-home internships are better to do during semesters. At the same time, remember that you are in college who is supposed to have fun with your peers and make memories. Choose wisely and decide the right time for venturing out on a new internship.


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Oorja Tapan

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