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How to Maintain an Aesthetic Instagram

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If you’ve been looking for a new hobby lately, then keeping a visually pleasing Instagram account could be the one for you. It is a fun, gradual, and productive exercise and here are six tips to help you do that.

  1. Choose a theme and layout: The first step in inculcating this hobby is to decide the layout. Write all your ideas down and choose the ones you want to experiment with. It may range from having highly saturated photos to greyscale or from cropped to bordered. Decide if you want to particularly put out thematic photos like travel, food, fashion, or simply your daily shenanigans. You can also use the 3×3 or 3×1 grid layout.  Tip: Try to experiment with boomerang videos for your Instagram feed.
  2. Your filter is your religion: Consistency is the key! It is essential to use the same filter in all your photos. Perhaps, even write down and memorise the level of contrast, brightness, sharpness, and other editing tools you use. The sense of neatness and evenness will enhance the pleasing effect of your feed.
  3. Stick to two-three colours: Another way of adding evenness and consistency to your photos is always having a set of colours that are present in all your photos. Depending on your theme, they could be neon or neutral ones. Tip: If you have pictures that don’t have the decided colours, create a spam account and post it on that. Or, use the ‘multiple images’ feature.
  4. The discipline of cropping: Instagram aesthetics is all about discipline. Always remember to crop or add border your photos in the same manner. Experiment with a variety of borders and background designs to create a fresh look.
  5. Adopt a schedule: A lot of Instagrammers make the mistake of posting new photos every day. As it turns out, these photos look forcefully themed rather than easing into it. Tip: Click lots of photos and upload the best and most relevant ones at the end of the week.
  6. Learn photography skills: A very productive result of maintaining an organic feed is to follow other accounts that are similar to yours and get inspired by their work. Learn the basics of lighting, angles, and poses and use them to your advantage. Tip: Before going on a trip, Google your destination so that you familiarised with the location, and can prepare accordingly. For instance, if the location has great night scenes then you can pack the equipment most suited for night photography.

If you keep working consistently, then chances are you can get recognised and stand a chance to become a public figure. Moreover, companies are often looking for recruits who can help them maintain an Instagram marketing account for their product lines. If not that, it will definitely give you a sense of confidence and discipline like never before.



Feature Image Credits: Drew Scott

Varoon Tuteja

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