Qwerty: 5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Social Media

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Whether it is for a business, a client, or even for yourself, social media platforms can be a helpful tool to reach out to a wide audience. But maintaining reach can be tough, so here are some handy tips to help increase engagement!

The term ‘engagement’ in the social media world refers to the measurement of likes, shares, and comments, and it is an important aspect within digital marketing because more engagement gets the user more reach. Engagement in social media is a powerful instrument that can help achieve a larger viewership for your venture, and for young students like us, it is difficult to splurge money on sponsoring posts. So here are some tips to organically increase engagement on your posts –

  • Call to action: Adding a simple instruction at the end of your post can get the viewer excited, assigns a purpose to your post, and brings attention to the highlight of your content. The call to action in your everyday post could be a simple hyperlinked ‘Click here for more’ to your website or can be an elaborate content or promotional activity.
  • Engaging images: Visually pleasing posts with mediocre textual content catch a viewer’s attention faster than mediocre pictures with brilliantly written text. Make sure the images you post are clean, follow the rule of thirds, and with adjusted contrast. Any sort of text on the graphic or picture should be as minimal as it can be – more text can be added to the post but the images best look neat.
  • Ask questions: Likes are easy to get as compared to comments. Hence, asking an open-ended question at the end of your post can spark a viewer’s interest and make them leave a comment, or even tag a buddy. Fun, light questions can be a part of the copy or the post for this purpose.
  • Hashtags: An important tool for reaching out to more people (than just those who follow you), hashtags may seem overdone in today’s time but are still extremely useful with engagement on social media. Pro tip: don’t use more than three hashtags on Twitter and use a maximum of 30 on Instagram.
  • Check insights: A vital ritual to practice frequently, checking insights and stats on your posts can prove to be very helpful. Figure out what works and create more of that content, and also note down what doesn’t work and avoid making the same mistakes again.


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Anagha Rakta

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