The Marketing Cell of Aryabhatta College organises Exult’17

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The Marketing Cell of Aryabhatta College in association with Innolabz organised EXULT’17, a fun-filled fest on 26th and 27th of October, 2017.
The first day was filled with enthusiasm and energy. A day full of exhilarating games, soothing music to delicious food and drinks! There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. The college was beautifully decorated by the team members from the entry itself and was a perfect example of eye candy! The minute one set foot inside the premises of college, one could feel the vibrancy. Outside the building, various mini-games were set up and stage and tents were put up on the football playground. It set the mood for the celebrations. The tone of decorations was very festive.
Various mini-games from drizzle throw to human tic tac toe were held and various students and teachers loved to be part of it. With each game, the winner was awarded various prizes like coupons of various outlets to cash-backs. Various other games like Impractical Jokers, Scavenger Hunts were also organised. The games were mind-boggling, adventurous and were filled with dares and thrill. The participants were from various colleges and were divided into teams and competed vigorously and were given a fixed amount of time to complete their tasks. The winners were awarded with various cash prizes and in kind.
Foodgasm a food game was also held. It was a game filled with fun for the foodies that were present out there. Participants had to eat the most in order to win followed by the tagline ‘eat till you last’.
B-quizophilia: a business quiz curated entirely by Innolabz was also organised in the college premises which experienced tremendous participation from various Colleges of Delhi-NCR.
The tents put up were occupied by various food stalls selling delicious food and drinks. From Dosa to Pasta to Waffles everything was finger licking delicious. The drinks did their job right on that hot sunny day!
The first day slowly came to an end as the sun started to set. The day was undoubtedly a success and did not fail to bring a smile on everyone’s face.
 Riding on the tremendous success of the Day 1 of Exult’17, the Marketing Cell of Aryabhatta College kicked off the Final Day events with enormous zeal and motivation. The first event of the day was #StartAb, in collaboration with Josh Talks and Facebook.  The team warm-heartedly received Mr. Bhavishya Wadhaman, founder of as the first speaker of the day., unlike other online fitness trainers that aims for a healthy living without sacrificing on the available food choices, employing the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is an up and coming start-up and the brainchild of Mr. Bhavishya. He stayed on for over 2 hours as students listened keenly, and was more than happy to answer every single question after the engaging session. Later, we had Mrs. Arunima Shekhar on the stage from Tell-a-Tale, telling us delightful stories of experiences and life.
#StartAB ended with a Facebook presentation video on how it has been positively helping change lives all over the globe and its new plans for developing countries.
As fully expected, Josh Talks ended on a high note.  It was followed by an interactive workshop on Entrepreneurship by InnoLabz which received a great response. The last item on the list, an ‘Open-Mic Standup Comedy’ session began in the next 30 minutes. A lineup of 9 participants from various colleges, some of which being Motilal Nehru College, Ram Lal Anand College, Aryabhatta College and Sri Venkateswara College eagerly expected to wait for their turn. It was a session jam-packed with humor and hilarious jokes, with everyone enjoying every minute of it and actively participating as the audience. Aryabhatta College and the Marketing Cell are extremely proud to have hosted one of the first of such event in the South Campus of the University. We all hope to have a bigger and better version for the next year.
With prizes for the Top 2 winners given out and Exult’17 finally drew to an end. The members and the teachers were proud in the culmination of an immensely successful event all over the university, thanks to every dedicated member of the team.

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