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5 Habits of College Life Which Need to Be Done Away With

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They say, “College is the most happening time of your life”. You may choose to agree or disagree on this. But, one thing is a fact: All of us acquire/grasp/inherit/inculcate various habits to which in actuality, we should not be habituated to.  So, if you are in your freshman year, beware of these (or you know what, add some more to this list, because ‘Hey! College should be fun!). Dear seniors, you may have partied, cheated, stayed high, or slept your way throughout, but very soon, within 6-7 months, you will be out of the rat maze some call college. Yes, all of us by the end of our graduation turn into unkempt, irresponsible, I-can-do-whatever-I-want creatures.

So, instead of going under shock-therapy after college, let’s look at some of the habits which should no longer be swept under the rugs once you enter the big, bad world and leave the sheltered cocoon of college.

(Disclaimer – The list has been made with only good intentions and yes, we are not trying to preach. It’s all up to you. But please, be open-minded and less defensive).

  1. Not taking a bath everyday

Let’s not pretend. We all spend a lot of money on deodorants because of this very specific reason since we do hardly take a bath for an 8.30 lecture or a 9.30 lecture or even a 10.30 one as well. If you think you can waltz to work looking (and probably) smelling like a mix of rancid onions and sweat and perfume, then you need help! Its basic hygiene and you NEED to bathe. Every day. Period.

  1. Maybe you could snooze through class, but that crap will no longer fly

Having a proper night’s sleep is imperative, essential, unavoidable, mandatory, and the prerequisite (hope you understand it’s value with the number of synonyms of the word ‘necessary’ we have used). Staying up all night and tagging your friends in memes, sending Snapchat stories, or even just staring at the phone screen all night long will lead you nowhere in future. Also, kindly get rid of your habit to snooze your alarm, because your professor could be senile or lenient. Your boss will not be.

  1. Eating junk and having zero interest in basic cooking

In future, you will no longer be 18 and will have to stop hogging anything and everything in indefinite quantity. We are not asking you to count calories associated with every food item once you get out of college, but a balanced diet is a must. Also, there will be no hostel mess in future where cooked food will be served to you and you cannot always eat out. So please, start entering the kitchen and learn basic cooking.

  1. Throwing on whatever clothes you find

Of course, every one of us will not land up in a corporate job and so there will not always be the need to be all decked up in formals. But like college, you cannot go to work like someone who just rolled out of bed. Appearing presentable is not that hard.

  1. Procrastination is the death of you and trust me, there are plenty of people smarter than you

Studying for an internal in all-nighter works in here but when you grow old, please, working at the twenty-fifth hour is a big no-no. You need to be innovative and do what was previously thought to be undoable. Procrastinating only ever produces results that are “good enough.” Good enough will not be good enough anymore.

Another thing, there is a big difference between the knowledge you learn in a classroom and the knowledge life teaches you. The world doesn’t always work the way that you assume it does. If you top the class right now, please don’t assume that you will always do so in life. Confidence is good but over-confidence is not. No matter how smart you believe yourself to be, there are plenty of people out there that are smarter than you. Heed the words of your superiors and those that have been on their own for longer. You will be in a dog-eat-dog world once you get outside, so get off your high horse and be humbled.

So, enjoy as much as you can in college and just chill. But once you get out of the cocoon,  beware!

P.S. The author is not a saint and is also a victim of all the above habits.


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Oorja Tapan

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