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Need Motivation? Watch These Movies

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Some movies touch a chord in your heart and some teach you lessons that are never to be forgotten. Here are some of such movies that teach certain lessons with great craftiness.

Is it that time when you are feeling low? Or funnily enough, in need of a new quote for your Instagram Bio? Well, if you are a movie buff like me, you’d know that movies have a certain aura of relaxing you after a hard day or motivating you for the next. Here are some of my favorite movies to inspire you a little on that rough day:

October Sky

It is a movie based on a real story of a NASA scientist, Mr. Homer Hickam. A boy of humble dwellings with his career predestined as a coal mine worker, he is left agape when he watches the first satellite launch by NASA. With the help of his teacher who never lost faith in his multiple experiments of a mini-satellite, he advances in the technology of making a satellite along with his friends. For how he arranges his college tuition fee, you’ll have to watch the movie which will motivate you to take that extra mile.

An Education

English literature students will feel a connection with Jenny, the protagonist because she studies the subject passionately in school and has a craving for all things French. She falls for a man twice her age, she drops school to marry him but he turns out to be married already. Did Jenny pick up her ruined career after this or did she become a crybaby is to be found out by watching the movie which truly is a lesson and an education?

Dead Poets Society

A teacher (also an alumnus), John Keating was all The Welton Academy boys needed to realize where their hearts lay. On his encouragement, the boys form a Dead Poets Society to narrate well-known as well as their own poetry, their dreams, and fantasies. These boys bond like never before and relationships ensue too. Later, when Mr. Keating is accused of a crime, the boys showcase their solidarity with him. The movie is a lesson in itself, how a teacher can change your life and how one should question the traditional norms.

Certain stories have a way of entering your conscious and never leave. Those are the stories you’d want to pass on and always remember. Well, these movies had an impact on me and they sure will on you. Plus, no one shies away from good cinema. Till then, carpe diem!

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