State University Prints Admit Card With Photo Of Lord Ganesha

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Bihar University printed the admit card of a student with the photo of Lord Ganesha on it. The cards were printed on Wednesday.

Bihar University is not new to controversies. And as is the case with this incident, Bihar University made it to the headlines with another tummy tickling incident. It reportedly printed the photo of Lord Ganesha in the admit card of a student. The admit cards were printed on Wednesday.

This happened with the admit card of Krishna Kumar Roy, a first-year student of Lalith Narayan Mithila University in Darbhanga. He is pursuing B.Com a Programme in the college. As reported by India Today, Roy said “I had filled the examination form correctly along with my photo, but I am shocked to see Lord Ganesha’s photo on my admit card. I am running from pillar to post to rectify the mistake but no one is willing to listen.” What’s more bizarre is that the admit card also has Lord Ganesh’s signature on it. Along with this, there is an error in the residential address of the student as well.

Defending themselves, the authorities of the University said that the mistake was committed by the cyber cafe. They also mentioned that they are inquiring into the matter and will make sure that the student will not face any problems in appearing for the exams.

Image Credits: www.india.com


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