DU’s decision to include Chetan Bhagat in the Literature curriculum garners backlash

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Coming down to questioning even their taste in Literature; teachers of Delhi University attack the pro-Bhagat CBCS committee.

In April this year, the renowned Indian author Chetan Bhagat had announced on Twitter the inclusion of his novel ‘Five Point Someone’ in the Literature curriculum of the University of Delhi (DU).

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

The introduction of the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been the harbinger of quite a few elements of change in both the structure as well as the curriculum of the varsity. Apart from the novel, the concerned committee had also recommended making Facebook post writing a part of a course on “academic writing” (as reported to the NEWS18). “It was felt that there is arbitrariness in framing and modification of the syllabus. It has also come to light that the department has been in practice of favouring some authors and publishers, even by going out of the way of normal practice and justification,” as were one of the details recorded in the meeting.

While the esteemed University has put it on hold, sources suggest that it might be taken up in the upcoming academic session. Moreover, a review committee has been formed to look into the matter. This move garnered considerable backlash from Literature enthusiasts.

“The committee has been formed to look into procedural lapses in syllabi design and modification, who were the members of the CBCS committee, was there sufficient representation from colleges, were all members informed about the modification and their approval sought”, as reported to the PRESS TRUST OF INDIA.

While there have been other changes put forward by the CBCS in the recent past; a lot of them entertained by the University; this move with its backlash from within the fold has already garnered humungous attention and might as well be a move against the policies of the CBCS.


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