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Auburn Umbrella: The Art of Minimalism in Fashion

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There is something that makes one stand apart by using the art of minimalism in everyday fashion. Auburn decodes the mystery behind staying minimal and yet not looking boring.

Usually, in an attempt to look different, people make the fashion faux pas of doing too much – wearing too many prints, donning too many colours, or mixing too many styles. The art of minimalism in fashion is easy and effortless (especially once you get the hang of it) and has the aesthetics of what is called ‘impersonal austerity’. Here are some tips to remember while curating a minimalistic wardrobe:

  • Colour: People generally think that whites, blacks, and greys make a minimalistic outfit, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colours. The trick is to use colours from the same palette and/or with the same undertones.
  • Print: Minimalistic fashion usually has subtle print patterns, also called ‘non-emotive design’, which have geometric elements in the design, such as lines and linear shapes. One can never go wrong with stripes, plaid, and even floral. These designs can easily be paired with the other items in your closet.
  • Fit: This is the most important aspect of putting together a minimalistic outfit. Unlike other forms of style, this does not have extra elements to distract from a lousy fit. A simple piece, such as a white t-shirt, can look a hundred times better with the right fitting. So, spend some extra time in the dressing room figuring out which is the best fit for you.
  • Accessories: A simple wardrobe doesn’t only mean simple clothes; accessories add an elegant and delicate touch to the overall look. Also, having the right bling can do wonders. Look for dainty necklaces, bracelets, rings, and sunglasses in a neat finish for that extra oomph factor.
  • Buy: To curate a minimalistic wardrobe, one needs to know where to curate from. The Basics section in Forever 21 and H&M are staples; their leggings, tees, blouses, and camisoles are a must have in one’s everyday wardrobe.

Incorporating minimalistic elements in everyday fashion makes one look effortless and casual, and draws attention in the best possible way. There is, however, a fine line between simplicity and not trying. The skill of using the art of minimalistic fashion is said to be achieved when it is possible to balance both sides. As they say, “Less is more.”

Feature Image Credits: Pintrest

Anagha Rakta
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Head of Web at DU Beat (2017-18), and a passionate writer from Miranda House, with a sweet tooth and a funny bone.

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