The University of Delhi Issues a Stern Warning Against Littering

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DU election office issues warning to the political parties against the littering of the campus and allows a deadline of 36 hours to get the campus cleaned or threatens consequences

With DUSU elections knocking at the door, the campus has been bombarded with posters and pamphlets. A large scale of littering and cavalcades of vehicles has been witnessed in and around the campus area. The entire campus- from walls to roads, from advertising spaces at bus shelters to market places – is covered with posters, pamphlets, and graffiti, mostly from candidates inviting students to “join them”. The university has already issued notifications and guidelines against littering but there is little adherence to the rules set.

Such campaigning from political parties has caused havoc on the campus and has been instrumental in being an obstacle for student activities. A lot of students expressed their resentment and concern over wastage of huge resources.

Waking up to this, The University of Delhi election office on Thursday issued a stern warning to the student groups indulging in littering and vandalising of the premises, asking them to clean the campus in 36 hours or face action.

“The DUSU election committee directs the stakeholders to immediately stop all these activities and remove the posters or banners and clean the defaced walls within 36 hours of this notification, failing which action will be taken as per the extant rules, including non-acceptance of candidature, cancellation of nominations or even countermanding of elections,” said a letter issued by Chief Election Officer (CEO) S.B. Babbar.

He acknowledged the state of the campus roads which are buried under campaign paraphernalia and defaced properties and called it a “gross violations of the code of conduct for DUSU elections, Lyngdoh Committee recommendations, and National Green Tribunal order”.

DUSU elections have been scheduled to be held on 12th of September. Parties are gearing up for the big time fight ahead. Although the groups will not announce their nominations before September 6, the entire campus, including the adjoining areas, is smeared with graffiti and posters bearing several possible candidates’ names.

Sandeep Samal

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