Show Cause Notice to 11 KMC Students for ‘Protesting Without Informing the Hostel Warden.’

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Eleven students of Kirori Mal College (KMC) were issued a show cause notice by the college authorities for protesting outside Maurice Nagar Police Station without ‘the knowledge of the hostel warden’.

On August 19, almost 50 to 60 students from KMC reached the Maurice Nagar Police Station after a fight broke out between two student groups who were contesting for the hostel elections. Students, meanwhile, claimed that the warden’s ‘inaction’ to stop the fight made them approach the police. Only 11 out of the 50-60 students have been served  notices and were asked to explain, “Why should your admission to the hostel not be terminated due to your misconduct?”

One of the students claimed,” After a fight between two student groups, we called our warden. He was out and would not be able to address the issue that very moment. So we went to the police demanding action.” The matter has already gone to the proctorial committee.

The recently elected hostel President, Prabhat Kumar, who has also received the show cause notice, alleged that only students from UP and Bihar were served notices, sparing other people from other places who were also at the station.  Kumar said, “If this is not discrimination, then what is it?”

The officiating principal of KMC, Dinesh Khattar said,” The students did not approach the authorities and instead went to the police which affects the image of the college. ” He asked the students to tell the names of the other involved students before the proctorial committee, saying, “All will be treated equally”. The inquiry committee will now look into the matter and recommend necessary action.

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Oorja Tapan

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