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Being a Delhi University student offers ample opportunities for internships that aren’t limited to what you study during your degree. Certain options are common, irrespective of streams. A look at what entails popular internship job profiles.


It can seem very daunting to find yourself being idle in college. Somehow, everyone but yourself seems to be bustling with things like society, internships, or a social life (gasp). With the internet, however, it has become easier to navigate through two of the above. Having seen people around me successfully engage in one of those two things, I feel like I have ample information on the most popular internship jobs, skills required for them, their exposure, and so on. Here’s a brief:

Content Writing

First things first, content is pronounced like the “co” in “coffee”, it seems. That’s definitely something you should know about content writing. It’s usually a work from home job that pays per rupees 100/n number of words or articles you write. The pay mostly ranges from 2,000-4,000 rupees a month, fluctuations depending on the work you do and its frequency. A flair for writing, knowing your audience and appealing to them, as well as creativity are the essential skills.

Campus Ambassadors

Bonus: This is something that you can say you do to sound important to your equally clueless friends/family/somewhat-clue-having Sharma ji. Big companies, event organisers, and new companies launching a product recruit Campus Ambassadors in order to spread information about their product or event, through means such as word of mouth and social media. The pay ranges, depending upon the popularity of the company and your performance (like sales or registrations). Payment in kind is also done via vouchers for products or free samples, or future long-term association with the company. Good communication and social media skills are the core skills required.

Teaching/Volunteering With Charity Organisations

You’ll be surprised and slightly happier with the world to realise how many wonderful organisations are working for societal betterment. Teaching the underprivileged is a big part, where elementary education is given out by helping with reading and maths. Non-Governmental Organisations also have jobs like the ones mentioned above as well fundraising, marketing, web design, and so on. As the name suggests, it is mostly unpaid with provision of certificates but the satisfaction gained from making a small change is what draws volunteers to it.

Social Media Marketing

Put your obsession with memes and putting up those story status things to an actual use! Similar to the work, remuneration and skills required of a Campus Ambassador, this is mainly of the work-from-home kind and it helps if you have an influential presence (so not your best friends liking all your posts) and knowledge of social media to create eye-catching stories, captions for events that result in mass participation.

Web Designer

While this isn’t limited to a degree, it requires specific skills like knowledge related to Coding, Programming, CSS and Java among others. Knowledge of extremely fun-sounding tasks like Data Interpretation and Analysis is usually required. Pay ranges from 3,000-6,000 rupees a month and both full-time and part-time options are available.


Image Credits: DU Beat

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