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What NOT to do When You are in a Hostel!

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3Ds of hostel life: Discipline, Duty, Devotion. Hostel life isn’t just about the midnight Maggi and coffee. Life, there, is almost a parallel culture, an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to several experiences. It is a very memorable period in one’s life, but due to lack of knowledge or a casual attitude or just irresponsible behaviour, you may have problems of adjusting to the hostel environment, thus affecting your overall development. So watch your steps and hold yourself up carefully. Here are a few things you should not do when you are in a hostel: [caption id="attachment_51067" align="alignnone" width="300"]Hostel life can be tough, but it's fun too! Hostel life can be tough, but it’s fun too![/caption]

  1. First precaution: Don’t keep your money within easy reach!
There will be a lot of people visiting you, and you can’t point at a single person after a theft, should it take place. Better take precautions on this matter.
  1. Take care of your belongings
You aren’t at home anymore and you can’t let things like cell phones and laptops just lie around. In the same spirit, respect others’ belongings too.
  1. Do not use others’ things
Sharing may be a show of love, but it is also a show of bad manners. People have different needs. Are you sure you want to use their things, or allow them to use yours?
  1. Do not play loud music
Well, students have to maintain a regular study routine- you better consult others before playing loud music.
  1. Do not always speak your mind!
Just in case, remember that freedom of speech is not to be exercised anywhere and everywhere.
  1. Try not to break the rules of your hostel
Curfew time, hygiene and etiquettes are a few decrees of a disciplined hostel that must be upheld at any cost.
  1. Don’t be the late-night rustler
A rustling sound breaks the silence that finally descended in your room, right when you leaped off the bed and started performing a series of tasks, that too at the ungodly hour of 4 in the morning. [caption id="attachment_51068" align="alignnone" width="300"]Keep your room neat Keep your room neat[/caption]
  1. Don’t lounge with laundry
Hanging newly-washed laundry around the room, looping clothes around bedposts and stringing socks over the windowsill: enough!
  1. Do not keep the garbage in the room
Hostel rooms are usually tiny. In such an enclosed space, pages and packets littered around are a nuisance.
  1. Don’t keep weeping when you are homesick!
Keep in touch with your parents and try to adjust to the new place. A cry-baby does not give good vibes. The hostel is where you are adulting, so enjoy the stay and be responsible! Image credits: DU Beat, and Backpack and Bunkbeds Radhika Boruah [email protected]      ]]>

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