JMC’s Department of Mathematics conducts workshop on Game Theory

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JMC’s Department of Mathematics conducts a three-day long workshop on Game Theory.

From 10th to 12th August 2017, the Mathematics department of Jesus and Mary College (JMC), University of Delhi (DU), hosted a Science Academies Lecture workshop for undergraduates in Mathematics. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with three science academies, namely, the Indian Academy of Sciences, the Indian National Science Academy and The National Academy of Sciences. These academies jointly conduct such programmes as a part of their year-long activities. This time, the topic for the three-day long workshop was ‘Game theory and Graph theory’.

In the period of three days, the workshop saw great participation from students all across DU. The workshop was inaugurated by the college principal and faculty members of the Maths and Economics departments, all lighting the lamp of knowledge.

Soon, Professor Arunava Sen from the Indian Statistical Institute was invited to the dais to deliver a lecture on ‘Introduction to game theory and design mechanism’. He spoke at length and used relevant, famous case studies of the prisoner’s dilemma and the Nash equilibrium to aid learning. The following days saw an equally interesting line-up of lectures delivered by the likes of Professor R. Bapat from the Indian Institute of Statistics, and S. Sivaramakrishnan, a professor at IIT Bombay, on subjects like linear algebra and graph theory, among others. The workshop also saw real-life problems related to college admissions solved, and other cases like the issue of bankruptcy being discussed.

Christina Vasanth, a part of the student organising team for the workshop, said, “People from a lot of colleges came just to attend this workshop. I found it extremely beneficial as during routine days, we don’t get to learn from the best professors in India. Even the teachers sat down and took notes of what the professors were saying. I wish a lot more workshops of this kind are conducted.” The workshop concluded after a feedback form was filled by the students, and a vote of thanks delivered to all the professors who took out time to deliver those lectures.


Image credits: Department of Mathematics, JMC

Vijeata Balani

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