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For the Seniors Lost in a Tide of Freshers

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The beginning of the year brings with it countless pieces of advice for the first-year students. From where to eat and shop to how to ace society auditions, there’s no dearth of literature to help guide the fucchas through this tumultuous time. What inevitably ends up happening during this time is that the second- and third-year students lack any sort of guidance as they attempt to navigate the remainder of their college lives. So here we are, doing our bit to ensure the seniors aren’t left out.

Let’s start with the second-years. With barely anything to lose, this batch is the most relaxed of all DU students. Having gone through society auditions and having dealt with the hectic trauma of internals and attendance woes, second year students are inherently wiser and calmer. While it sounds great at first, this laid back attitude can often get the better of them. Case in point: yours truly. My second year, especially the fourth semester, was a whirlwind of non-academic activities. Attending debsoc sessions and covering fests for DU Beat provided me with legitimate reasons (read: excuses) to skip class on an almost daily basis. With deep regret, I confess that if I could go back and do it all over, I’d prioritise my lectures over my cosy bed and a boring fest. So there you have it – don’t relax too much, or you’ll come to regret it.

For the third-years, as much as it pains me to say this – think about your future. You don’t want to end up in a pile of tears when the fifth semester ends, when all your friends have already applied to foreign universities and you still aren’t sure about what you want to pursue further. The task is daunting but necessary – take out some time, maybe an hour each day, to do substantial research for your future plans. If you want to continue your education, look at all possible options – foreign universities, Indian universities, DU. Find out whether the admissions are entrance-based or merit-based. For foreign universities, it’s essential to have a variety of documents which you’ll need to have ready well in advance. If, on the other hand, you want to work straight out of college, keep an eye out for job opportunities. Try to intern as much as you can. Be proactive and work quickly to avoid those pangs of guilt when you later realise that you could have accomplished so much more had you just started earlier. And, of course, give it your all when it comes to DU – actually study for your internals, go to all those crowded star nights, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

So the next time you feel smothered by freshers-related content, refer to this for an insight of what to do and not to do as a senior!


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Vineeta Rana
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An enthusiastic Ravenclaw, Vineeta is a keen learner and does not shy away from expressing her opinions. Her passion for discussion around gender and sexuality is only matched by her passion for French fries and naps. To chat about these or just to say hi, email her at [email protected].

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