Come volunteer and be the reason behind a child’s smile for a day!

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Stories are powerful, they bring communities together, encourage communication and help us in expressing ourselves. Youth For Seva (YFS) announces “Story-fied: Come, be a storyteller!”, a unique campaign to engage volunteers to narrate a story based on the theme of ‘Resilience’ to under-privileged children with an aim to motivate and inspire them and also help them inculcate values.
Remember the heroes of your story that motivated you to become the person you are right now in your life? YFS is giving you a chance to be that hero for a child and inspire a child through a story. Through these stories you can also become the reason behind their smiles for a day. This will help many children to take part in listening activities and this will help them in boosting their concentration power and confidence. Every story has its own magic, which will help to light the lamps of many up coming champions.
Being the youth, we have the power to change the world and make a difference.
The ‘Come, be a story-teller initiative’ is open for people from across India. Please register here:
We will map you to a school and send you a book, as well as list of activities you can choose from, for the post-reading session. It is as simple as that and the more, the merrier! Come, be one among the 10,000 story-tellers India is going to see over the July 21-23 weekend.
For any queries drop us a mail at [email protected]

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