Complaints of Cheating Emerge in PG Entrance Examinations; Students Caught Cheating in Political Science and LLB Entrance Exams

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After weeks of frantically checking the University of Delhi’s website for acquiring information about the postgraduate examinations, the entrance cycle officially began from July 1st. However, within three days of the commencement, reports of cheating across various examination centres in courses like M.A. (Political Science) and LLB have scarred the admission phase.

Both the fields conducted their entrances on July 3rd in 29 examination centres spread across India; 24 of them located within the capital. Cases of cheating through mobile phones and impersonations have surfaced through Sunday and Monday at Hindu College, Kirori Mal College, Hansraj College, and Faculty of Law, amongst other centres. Hindustan Times quoted an official from the exam department who shed light on these occurrences. “There were 24 centres in Delhi where the LLB exam was held. There was an incident of impersonation and at least eight incidents of applicants trying to take in their mobile phones to the exam halls. We have complained about this to the police,” he said.

Cases of sneaking in the mobile phones were tracked at Hansraj College, Aditi Mahavidyalaya, and Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College. In typical Bollywood fashion, a student was caught testing the ‘Munna Bhai M.B.B.S’ tactic in action. The candidate, who was appearing for LLB, was caught cheating at Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College on Sunday. The 21 year-old was caught using WhatsApp during the entrance and when probed by the invigilator, tried to run away, to no avail.

The police officer who came in for the inquiry told IANS that the candidate (Naveen) claimed his fascination with the Bollywood movie and sought to pass the exam using this. “Singh and the college management later informed the police and a mobile phone and earphones were recovered from him. It was found that Naveen was cheating with the help of a person named Nirmal Bhaiya. Through ‘WhatsApp’, he was asking him about the answers,” the officer added.

Issues of impersonation and forgery have also cropped up in the varsity. Prem Kumar, a student appearing for the LLB entrance, was arrested for impersonation while cases have also been filed for forgery complaints. A letter which accounted for one such incident was written by an LLB applicant, Anjul Jain, to the officer on special duty, which delineated on the cheating tactic used by one of the students. “An aspirant whom I had known from my coaching class came to the hall with two cellphones. When we were asked to submit our phones before the exam, I saw him giving just one phone. He later went to the loo, and came back with the answer keys that were sent to him through an SMS,” she alleges in her letter, later accepted by the officer.

Complaint about invigilator-assisted cheating was also reported at Hindu College in the Political Science entrance where Krishna Kanhaiya alleged that the invigilator allowed the candidate to click pictures of the question paper ten-minutes before the exam. “The invigilator, instea of questioning the boy, asked him to click the photos and leave quickly before he gets caught,” he wrote in his letter to the examination controller.

Allegations of proxy attendance were also noted in the LLB exam in Kirori Mal College, however, the Acting Principal ensured that no cheating took place. The Principal of Hindu College, Anju Srivastava, said a report would be submitted to DU after the necessary investigation. Vinay Gupta, the varsity’s Dean of Examination, confirmed that the flying squads caught students using mobile phones for cheating in at least eight colleges.


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