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Dyal Singh College Scrimmages Over Evening College’s Conversion

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The tussle to acquire the status of a day college has escalated within the premises of Dyal Singh College, where the morning and evening colleges have found a bone of contention to dispute upon. The agreement which was proposed and accepted concerning the conversion by the Principal of the morning college, I. S. Bakshi, is being questioned upon its validity. Ahead of the Executive Council meeting scheduled to meet today, the Principal refuted the concurrence of any such document and requested the council to not deliberate on this matter.

On January 24th, the Principals of the morning and evening colleges allegedly signed an agreement which was later sent to the Academic Council. This agreement is being contested as being fraudulent, according to a resolution passed in a staff council meeting which aimed to “prevent the bifurcation of the colleges into two morning colleges on the same premises”. Bakshi claims to have never seen this document. However, the document, as acquired by The Times of India, reflects the signatures of both the Principals.

The resolution also adds that, “The Principal of the day college has categorically denied of having signed any such document. This is a serious…attempt to fraudulently mislead the AC.” Citing this, the council requested the Vice Chancellor to look into the matter and conduct an enquiry into the alleged forgery on the document.

In response to this, the evening college implores its morning counterpart to initiate an official inquiry if the documents are fraudulent and have no credibility. The official spokesperson of the evening college, Bhawana Pandey, comments, “It is appalling that the Principal is implying that his signature was forged. If so, we request them to approach police.”

The Academic Council gave a thumbs-up to the transition of the evening college to a morning college in principle. A five-member committee is yet to contour out the nitty-gritties of the split and share a report on the same.


Feature Image Credits: India Today

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