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The Great College Debate: ECA & Sports Quota Vs. General Admission

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All the colleges under the University of Delhi have at least 5% seats reserved for students who wish to take admission through the extracurricular activities (ECA) and sports quota. The ECA quota in DU includes eleven categories of activities: dance, vocal, instrumental, theatre, creative writing, debating, fine arts, digital media, quiz, NCC, and NSS. The applicants are judged by an ECA admission committee constituting at least two experts. Under the DU sports quota, candidates can secure admission at Delhi University colleges in two ways – direct admission without sports trials or admission with sports trials. All candidates who have represented India in any international sports competitions like the Olympic Games, World Cup, etc. are eligible to secure admission at DU without undergoing the sports trials. The benefit of the ECA and sports quota is that it aids you with gauging chances of getting enrolled in top colleges even if you have a percentage lower than the cut-off. If you are passionate about any ECA field or sports, it is guaranteed that it will be nurtured at the college level after you join the respective societies. There is direct entry into the society, without any auditions, if you get through the respective ECA quota.

On the downside though, students have to miss their classes and go for long practices during inter-college fests and sports meets. While attendance for the missed classes is provided by the college for the quota students, important work is missed out on, which may impact the understanding of the subject.

For general admissions, students have to follow the cut-off lists and take admissions wherever their percentage equals the cut-off percentage. This goes on from the first to the last cut-off list and students withdraw from one college to another, or swap courses. The general admission requires higher percentage vis à vis ECA and sports quota as there is no rebate on the marks obtained. Getting admission through the general category gives one the option to choose any society or team or to even not get involved in co-curriculars, whereas getting admission through ECA or sports requires determination and dedication towards the chosen field. Each side has its pros and cons but both admission processes require substantial patience.


Feature Image Credits: Alex Arthur for DU Beat

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