Professor from DU starts week long fast to protest against mob lynching of Hafiz Junaid

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Prem Singh, a Hindi professor from Delhi University, began a week-long fast on 25th June 2017 at Jantar Mantar to protest against the recent mob lynching incidents, including the death of Hafiz Junaid. 17 year old Junaid became the victim of a mob lynching which started as a spat over a train seat but later escalated into him being repeatedly stabbed by knives because it was suspected that he was carrying beef in one of his food containers.

Prem Singh, who is also a member of the Socialist Party of India (SPI), feels that it is a social responsibility for the people to stop such incidents from happening again and again. “All of us have collectively failed in stopping incidents of mob lynching. It is because of this guilt, I have started the protest,” he said in a statement.

Laraib Akram, a resident of the city and a working professional, said that he will make sure that the protest goes on till the government takes appropriate action to stop incidents of mob lynching from happening again. The protest could be extended if and when protesters from other circles join it. “We will mobilise people from wide circles including students and hold relay fast until the government comes up with a solution for this,” Akram said.

The SPI has demanded immediate arrest of those who lynched Junaid. “We want immediate arrest of those who killed Junaid and also condemn the indifferent attitude of the Haryana government,” said former chief justice of Delhi High Court, Rajinder Sachar.


Image Credits: Hindustan Times


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