Hurdles in the Delhi University online registration process fixed

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With the Open House over and technical glitches plaguing the online registration process, DU faces a massive uphill task from the start of the admission season itself. 

With the University of Delhi’s (DU) admission season already underway, technical glitches in the functioning of the official DU portal have left several students and parents worried or stranded. On 31st May, 2017 (Wednesday), all the tabs for online registration of merit-based courses were activated. However, several of them refused to become operational in time. The tab on academic details was activated after much delay, causing panic. Added to the confusion is the fact that the admission guidelines, which would have helped the candidates accurately calculate their aggregate while filling up the online form, have still not been posted. What was to be done at the beginning of the admission season has become another task on the ‘to-do’ list for the authorities managing the portal.

The delay in activation of tabs left several minority colleges, such as St. Stephens and Khalsa, with incomplete registrations. This comes even after DU witnessed a record 3,500 applications being registered within two hours of the activation of the online form. Also, since Wednesday was the last day of the Open House, the schedule and guidelines for the entrance tests are expected to be delayed by another week. With the Open House over and the online preparation still underway, DU faces an uphill task in managing and resolving the queries of the candidates. Clearly, the university’s centralised registration process has much to improve upon while facing a massive time-crunch, as both the candidates’ and parents’ enquiries mount with each passing day.

However, the glitches in the process was fixed recently and aspirants can now complete their applications smoothly. “The admission web portal for the undergraduate (merit based) programs is working efficiently and all the tabs are active and within two hours of opening all the tabs, more than 3,500 applicants completed their registration,” the university said in a statement.


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