DU to invite applicants for vacant teaching positions

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With officials asking colleges to issue advertisements in order to invite applicants, the University of Delhi (DU) is soon going to begin the process of filling up its vacant teaching posts. On 5th April, 2017, a letter has been issued to the colleges to begin the application process by 19th April. A link has also been sent to a website for generating a centralised application form. Since the procedure has been shifted online, no offline forms from the applicants will be accepted.

“This time, the form is so designed that a candidate needs to only change the college name and apply to all colleges where his/her subjects are taught. Earlier, the API score of a particular candidate used to differ from college to college, creating a huge amount of grievances and complaints. Now a candidate has to fill the same form and it will automatically calculate the API score of candidates,” DeveshSinha, the Dean of the colleges, told Indian Express.

Furthermore, the University has also asked the 28 colleges which do not have a Principal to advertise for the position. DU has a total of 4,000 vacant posts for teachers, which shall be allotted to ad-hoc teachers, each appointed for a period of four months at a time. The governing bodies of the colleges will be sending the details of their vacant positions and reservation rosters, and following their approval, take appropriate steps to screen applications and fix interviews. A few colleges have already begun the application process.

With inputs from the Indian Express
Deepannita Misra
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