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No DJs, loud music in freshers’ and farewells at Ramjas

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A notice issued on Thursday by the acting principal of Ramjas College says that there will be no DJs or music streamed through speakers at freshers’ welcome parties, farewells or other functions. All functions must also end by 4 pm, and at least two teachers, one of whom should “preferably” be a woman, must be present till the function ends.

The principal said that the notice was passed so as to make sure that there is no noise pollution or complaints in and around the campus.

“It is appalling what the students do. We have received many complaints in the past. I will not go into the details but there have been instances where people have complained of misbehavior. Why are DJs or loud music needed? This is a college, not a club. Even I was a student of this college. We didn’t need to make noise to throw farewell parties. People have to maintain decorum. Also, examinations are starting soon and there should be no noise. Students in hostels need peace and quiet to study. Practical exams have already started and theory exams will start on May 9,” said Principal PC Tulsian.

The notice has received criticism from both students and teachers.

One of the students who did not want to be named said “This is bizarre! Why can’t we play music during our functions? And why must a function end by 4 pm? These rules make no sense for college students. The college itself uses speakers for the functions it holds. Why should the students not be allowed? If the music is too loud or disturbing anyone, the authorities can always tell us to lower the volume. But why the blanket ban?”

The teachers as well criticized the clause regarding the mandatory presence of teachers calling it regressive. “The rules are regressive. Students should be able to hold functions in their own college. Why is the presence of teachers necessary? The notice smacks of unnecessary moral policing,” said a teacher on condition of anonymity.”


With inputs from Indian Express


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