GOODBYES AND UNBROKEN TIES – Farewell from the Eyes of a Second-Year Student

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This is the time of year when the first and second year students bid farewell to their seniors, signalling the end of the latter’s undergraduate life. It’s naturally a nostalgic time for the third year students, but what we often tend to forget is how overwhelming it is for the juniors as well. It’s a flash-forward to what we’ll be experiencing in one or two years’ time and how far we can come in such a short journey.

Farewells are crushing reminders of the fact that not only are we saying goodbye to our friends, but that we’re saying goodbye to our leaders and our mentors. We’re saying goodbye to those who have helped us form our identity and help us grow in ways beyond our imagination. They are reminders of how much we’ve evolved and how far we’ve yet to go.

The lead-up to the farewell is the usual: frantic running around and last-minute panicking by the juniors, and enthusiasm and denial by the seniors. The day itself is a package of fun with an abundance of food and beverages. There are speeches, continuous photo sessions, and energetic dancing, but the common theme between all these is the bond between the people.

All farewells include laughter and tears, excitement and nostalgia. It’s never easy to think about how you won’t interact with these people on a regular basis anymore, or how you have no one to guide you anymore. But we take solace in the knowledge that they’re always only a phone call away. We take comfort in the memories we’ve formed together and which will be cherished for a lifetime.

You know something impacts you a great deal when you’re unable to write about it without being cheesy and clichéd. It’s a faux-pas I’m willing to indulge in for the sake of honesty.

So for those of you who’ve yet to experience this year’s farewell, be prepared. The heavy hearts are only an indication of your attachment to the seniors, and the sorrow will pass. Embrace the emotions and take it all in – you’ll be on the other side of the equation soon, after all.


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