5 Reasons for every college student to get YUP card

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If you haven’t been saving for a while and you don’t care, you probably don’t know what YUP Card is about. But for those who are broke, and wish to have just a little more money, its time you found out the ultimate way to save regularly.
That being said, lets take a closer look at what YUP Card has in store for all the college peeps in Delhi NCR, and Kolkata too.

YUP Card is a loyalty card, exclusive to college students, tailor-made for all their needs. This card is the ticket to flat discounts and steal deals across everything – from restaurants to salons. If there is something missing, worry not, they’re working to get you those too.

Here are five reasons which not only make YUP Card the tip of the iceberg but at the same time this is arguably the most lucrative deal college students, who are basically living on pocket allowances, can avail.

Flat out deals at the best of brands


A major chunk of the deals and offers present in the market nowadays rely on the over-usage of “conditions applied” YUP doesn’t function in the same way. YUP gives flat discounts on your total bill. This way, you don’t have to end up sacrificing on what you really enjoy.

View all their deals here.



No Minimum Billing


It happens quite frequently that you can’t avail a certain benefit or discount simply because you have to spend a particular amount to claim the offer.
YUP Card on the other hand, literally makes this trouble go away. Take what you want, pay for what you take, and save on what you need.  Your discount will stand good for both a bill of Rs 20 or Rs 2000.


365 Day Validity and 24×7 Claims 

Do you often wish if the desirable offer was valid beyond happy hours and on weekends too?
With a YUP Card, you don’t have to worry about any of it. The benefits of your YUP Card is all for yours to take, throughout the year and at all times the outlet is open!


Easy to use


It’s alright to get offers, but what you have to do to claim them is a pain. With YUP Card, all you have to do is go to the outlet, show your YUP Card and receive your offer.  And voila! The work is done.


Only a One Time Payment of Rs. 499 


You don’t have to go through ridiculous processes to get a YUP Card. Pay up for your YUP Card once, right at the beginning and enjoy the benefits for an entire year!
Awesome right. In case you’re wondering where to get one à www.yupcard.com/registration

P.S: They also have additional benefits for their members, like the #MidWeekMadness event at Café 27, Kailash Colony. Head over there with your YUP Card on 22nd March 2017 and enjoy an exclusive acoustic night and food on the house. No entry fee.
View event details here: http://www.yupcard.com/pages/mwm-acousticnight

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