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CRY Ambassadors celebrate girl power across DU

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Isn’t it phenomenal when a bunch of young women get together and pledge to raise awareness among their friends on the issue of the rights of young girls across the country? That is just what the campus ambassadors from CRY have been doing in the last one week. They’re very driven and there is nothing that can come in the way of their fight for child rights in the campus.

The last one week, they celebrated the fierce, young girls and women across the Capital that they work for, at CRY.

While Aarushee, the Child Rights Leader from Hansraj set up a stall at her College fest and spread awareness on the issue of education of girls through games, Himani, from IP College for women got about a 100 plus young women, migrant labourers and girl children to complete the sentence on a board with the line, “I am a Girl and I can…”. Just watching the women write sentences like, “I’m a girl and I can dance on the streets”, I am a woman and I too can fight” was overwhelming.

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Dimpy too from Miranda House initiated the ‘Make a wish for a girl’ campaign at her college. She asked her friends put in their wishes for girls across the country. The college wished for education, health, protection, safety etc for girls across the country.


With such passion and commitment, we can’t wait to see the magic they create in Delhi University this year.


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