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The Rise And Rise Of Creative Writing Competitions

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February is ending and by now, you’ve probably acquired a taste for the fest season already, nevermind the fact whether you are or aren’t a part of any college society. The University of Delhi (DU) is known for its vibrant culture of college fests featuring multiple activities ans star nights, providing a platform to every student to showcase his or her talents. And if you aren’t a trained dancer, musician, or slam poet, fear not. Creative writing is here to the rescue.

Recently, as witnessed in annual fests right from Jesus and Mary College’s (JMC) Montage to Sri Venkateswara College’s (Venky) Nexus, creative writing competitions have gained momentum. They have become exceedingly popular, partly because of the attractive prizes (cash too, if you’re lucky) given as rewards to the winners. Some of these competitions may have a broader theme which one is required to stick to, while others are free flowing. Either way, it’s a challenging proposal — you’ve got to pen down your thoughts exactly within the set time limit.  

These events are a great way to bring back the might of the pen to the forefront, not to mention the fact that they help to boost up your organisational skills by twice the current level. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a poet or a master storyteller, these competitions are worth taking a shot at. You don’t need to be an aspiring author. They’re equally helpful for students wishing to get over their fear of public scrutiny. Minus the fear of public speaking involved in recitation or slam events, and without the instant judgement that comes along with it, these pen and paper events can play a crucial role as stepping stones in boosting your overall confidence. Some of the winners from the recent fests even confess to not having had any intentions of winning, in the first place.

As far as trends go, the creative writing competition has caught on like wildfire. It is here to stay and with good reason. It gives each one of us a great outlet for creativity, for penning down thoughts which may otherwise go unwritten in the humdrum curriculum of work and assignments. Plus, it can always be a pleasant surprise to discover that latent ‘creative bone’ in your body. Who knows, you may win at the next event…

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