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Project Jazba by Enactus Miranda House: Assisting acid attack survivors and more

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The project identifies their areas of interest and helps in building a business model with them, alongside raising funds for the same.

Project Jazba, conceptualised by the Miranda House chapter of Enactus, works closely with victims of acid attacks. The project assists in their rehabilitation, besides raising funds for any entrepreneurial activities that they may want to engage in.

Initiated in May 2016, Project Jazba began in association with NGO Chaanv, which helped the students get in touch with survivors of acid attacks. Besides reaching out to survivors, the project helps with their rehabilitation, acknowledging their trauma and possible reluctance to speak. The project then identifies their areas of interests and proceeds to develop a business model for them, simultaneously assisting in the fundraising for such a business model.

Project Jazba is currently raising funds for a salon that acid attack survivor and trained beautician, Sonia Chaudhary, wishes to open. Once the others who are involved with this project have been rehabilitated, similar business models will be developed for them based on their specific interests. The project may assist survivors with similar interests in collaborating with each other. Recently, Enactus also conducted a seminar and discussion with Sonia Chaudhary.

Stuti Agarwalla, a student who is involved with Project Jazba, says that it was initiated keeping in mind the need to do away with the social stigma associated with beauty and appearance. Their aim was to target a community of people who are unfairly neglected and stigmatised. The members of the project are quite satisfied with the progress that has been made thus far. “We’re hoping to open Sonia’s salon by the end of March,” says Stuti. “In October, we had the opportunity to work with 10 acid attack survivors, through a 3-week training session for them, during the course of which they were trained to pick up personality development skills. The session boosted their morale and was a satisfying experience for us,” says Stuti.

Project Jazba has been actively involved in various ways to empower survivors of acid attacks. Awareness campaigns have been undertaken, along with sessions of origami and English classes.

Image credits: Enactus, Miranda House

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