Bazinga: Delhi University to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

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In a shock to the moral policing groups who often spread hooliganism in the name of protecting the culture and religion of the country, the University of Delhi has decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in North Campus this year. Surprisingly, the various departments of the University were accommodative of the planning for the celebration. “It is a day for young people, we don’t have any business in there”, said one Professor, who was a member of the committee which gave the final go-ahead for the event.

The celebrations which will be held at the Vice Chancellor lawns, a popular hangout spot for young couples will include heart-shaped balloons and rose petal showers in half hour intervals from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Since the event is not related to any academic work, the officials in the finance department are working on how to arrange funds for the event. “We have approached a couple of companies. They have been positive”, said one official on conditions of anonymity. Another official said that “Archies has even agreed to sponsor the entire event so it won’t be a problem.”

As an elaborate plan to celebrate this occasion, the University has planned to ask its constituent colleges to celebrate the occasion in their respective campuses. A notification will be issued to them asking them to mark a tree in their campus and hold functions around it, like the popular ‘V Tree Puja’ held in Hindu College. “We are ready to help in every way possible if DU wants to spread this culture to other colleges” said one of the members of the Hindu hostel team which plans on celebrating ‘V Tree Puja’ this year too.

“The main motive of the event is to waive the rumors that saffronization has spread in our academic spaces” said another faculty member who was a member of a Left party during his student days. Throwing a barb on the ruling party, he said that “universities were progressive and free spaces, and they shall remain so irrespective of the party in power.”

However, the event has not gone down well with the National Saffron Vidyarthi Association, which represents the right-wing government in university politics. “We will organise a day-long protest to oppose such spread of western ideas which harm our national culture”, said a member of the association.


(Disclaimer: Bazinga is a column of believably fake news that you should enjoy, strictly not to be believed!)

Image Credits: DU Beat


Srivedant Kar

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Srivedant Kar is the associate editor of DU Beat. A journalism student at Cluster Innovation Centre, he spends more time thinking about tomorrow than today. Having interned with United Nations, he is an avid reader, fierce debater, poet and religious follower of politics who aspires to be a diplomat some day.

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